PRISM, the Utah data center, AES decryption algorithm and/or possible quantum computing

God it must be relaxing being the ones in behind the curtains of the PRISM project. Obama must stand there in front of the whole world and try to talk it away. What stressful situation it must be for him. If you didn’t know, PRISM is only the information-gathering part of the larger schemes. I don’t seem to see anyone talk anything about the deeper things here. Not that we could KNOW what these things are, and it’s easy to just speculate. Anyhow, for an article about the information-processing part of this, have a look here:

“Meanwhile, over in Building 5300, the NSA succeeded in building an even faster supercomputer. “They made a big breakthrough,” says another former senior intelligence official, who helped oversee the program. The NSA’s machine was likely similar to the unclassified Jaguar, but it was much faster out of the gate, modified specifically for cryptanalysis and targeted against one or more specific algorithms, like the AES. In other words, they were moving from the research and development phase to actually attacking extremely difficult encryption systems. The code-breaking effort was up and running.

The breakthrough was enormous, says the former official, and soon afterward the agency pulled the shade down tight on the project, even within the intelligence community and Congress. “Only the chairman and vice chairman and the two staff directors of each intelligence committee were told about it,” he says. The reason? “They were thinking that this computing breakthrough was going to give them the ability to crack current public encryption.””

Personally, I believe that they actually want to use it mostly for anti-terrorism stuff (and/or read “protecting their interests”. Whatever they really are).

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Einsteins view on God

“My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.”


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This is whats holding humanity back, nothing more!

“Similarly to the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement can draw from information revealed by WikiLeaks that exposes corporate manipulation of our foreign policy. An October 2009 diplomatic cable shows how U.S. diplomatic officials shared sensitive intelligence with Shell to give the oil corporation unfair economic leverage in Nigeria. Another series of cables illustrate how diplomatic officials successfully squashed a proposed increase in the Haitian minimum wage. Pressure from U.S. diplomats on Haitian officials enabled major American clothing companies like Levi’s and Hanes to continue exploiting sweatshop labor in Haiti. Other cables show that Chevron executives worked in tandem with U.S. officials to avoid paying $18.2 billion in court-ordered damages after the energy giant acquired Texaco, which had dumped billions of gallons of waste in indigenous areas.”


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Interesting documentary about water and vortices

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A new humanism emerging out of new research in neuro-science, psychology and sociology

He is a editor for The New York Times. Are we humans desire-seeking ego-centered animals, having the ability to be “100% rational” or are we also defined by the emotions at play? Is it rather a synergy between intellect and emotions? And if so, how could this over time change the way we define ourselves?

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An anthropologist on the worldwide web of belief and ritual

National Geographic anthropologist Wade Davis on the worldview of other cultures than “ours”.

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A talk about ideas – which is the core of this blog’s intention

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Changing Education Paradigms – How we have to think about education

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Some very good points on why the economic system doesn’t work the way it should

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The Empathic Civilisation

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